Comments about Wired’s article on Chernobyl’s wildlife…

Twenty-five years after the Chernobyl meltdown, a scientific debate rages. Could there be an evolutionary response that would allow animals to cope with the stress of radioactive contaminants?——————————————————-

My two cents (posted on FB April 19th, 2011):

Wired has been pro-nuke in the past, and their Chernobyl article sounds insane to even ask if mutation and deformities are good for evolution. They are not. It’s the joining of a pair of DNA strands in unique ways the causes healthy and unique offspring, not random damage that causes eyes to grow outside of sockets, no limbs, and so on.  Dinner for vultures that fly in to Chernobyl for a feast.  Don’t know how Wired sees it but that’s how it is.


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