Re: FROM JAPAN: Hoffman, you are making pretty strong accusations,

To: Claude Batmanghelidj <sgiclaude>
Subject: Re: FROM JAPAN: Hoffman, you are making pretty strong accusations, what are your sources!?
April 22nd, 2011

Dear Sir,

Thank you for writing and your kind words.

I believe that Kan’s statement makes it self-evident that what I say will happen will in fact happen — but IFF (IF AND ONLY IF) you are also well aware of what happened around Chernobyl AND what Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Company (whatever their full name is) did after Three Mile Island, which Helen Caldicott has spoken of for many years (and, as she points out, has never been sued for saying it by Hershey’s).  For the Chernobyl reference, I would have to dig through my many Chernobyl books to find where I picked that tidbit up, but it absolutely was specifically mentioned.

So it happened in both places and Kan’s comments make it clearly inevitable that it will happen in Japan, too.  I’m sorry if that sounds extreme.  In hindsight, I’m sure we’ll find it to be entirely true that that’s what they did.

However, if I implied that ALL “highly” irradiated foods (tobacco, too!) will find their way onto Japanese shelves I apologize and should correct that.  I’m sure many fields will simply be condemned and left fallow.  But marginal crops WILL be mixed in with less irradiated crops.  It happened throughout Europe.  I think “Chernobyl: The Forbidden Truth” might have described that activity, though I haven’t dug out my copy and looked for the information:

CHERNOBYL: THE FORBIDDEN TRUTH, by Alla Yaroshinskaya, forward by Dr. John W. Gofman, translated by Michele Kahn and Julia Sallabank.  Jon Carpenter / Oxford, England, 1994 (Originally published in 1988 in Russian).

Rest assured, the main route for getting irradiated food to market will be that the radiation levels will simply never be checked!  You’ll see!

I hope this has been is helpful and thank you again for writing.  I wish I could be both more specific and somehow more encouraging.  If I find my copy of the Chernobyl book I mentioned, I’ll try to thumb through it and find the actual page reference if possible.




At 03:53 PM 4/22/2011 +0900, Claude Batmanghelidj wrote:

Mr. Hoffman,

I live in Tokyo, so I take your accusations
( very seriously.

You state that (who, you do not specify at all!!) the Japanese
government, rogue farmers, (who!?) plan on passing off radioactive
vegetables to the public by mixing them in with untainted vegetables
so that they can pass inspection.

Please back up this statement with some evidence. You casually throw a
rumor like this around, and are very unclear, you do not provide any
hard sources for your statement. I am not saying it is not true. It if
it is, it will be big news, but if you are just speculating, well, you
are not behaving in a responsible manner.

You have to be absolutely solid in your reporting. At the moment, the
above article is completely sub-par. Get it together!

Show me some hard evidence for your assertions.


Claude Batmanghelidj
Chiba, Japan


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