Why don’t I just move away from San Onofre? (20110422)

To: Eric Arnow <e_arnow>
Subject: Re: Your articles on nukes
April 22nd,2011

Hi Eric,

Thanks for writing.  To answer in one word:


I can’t convince every loved one to move.  (Some would.  Some wouldn’t.  But I love them anyway!)

Friends.  Lots of locals I also love.

Plus, it’s not easy to get far enough away from nukes!  In Connecticut we lived maybe 30 to 50 miles from the closest nuke, but two blocks from a place called Hitchcock Hazardous Waste, which was probably locally a greater threat.  One must remember that these are population threats.  To an individual’s personal risk, stopping smoking would probably be more important (if they smoke).

Plus that’s running.  American’s don’t run!  They make a stand!

I want the plant shut down so we ALL can live in peace here, not just me!

Thanks again for writing!



At 02:13 AM 4/22/2011 -0700, Eric Arnow <e_arnow> wrote:

Dear Ace

I really appreciate your articles on the nuclear complex. I am astounded at how much in denial most people, especially business people are.

My question, though, is why have you not chosen to move away from such a dangerous area so close to a catastrophe as bad as Fukushima or Chernobyl?

Eric Arnow


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