Comment about: TEPCO Censoring “Illegal Information” leaked on Internet FUKUSHIMA

Comment about:

TEPCO Censoring “Illegal Information” leaked on Internet FUKUSHIMA

Ace Hoffman The story this video focuses on is important to everyone around the world. Censorship of Fukushima information. The world, if they try, probably can still get a pretty good idea of what’s going on. It’s the Japanese people who are apparently being denied the truth more than anyone. The rest of us mainly just aren’t paying attention, but people like Arnie Gundersen and others seem to have a pretty good handle on the terrible (and worsening, in many ways, even now) situation. MSM, however, is largely ignorant and remaining that way, then feeding their “watered down” (literally!) versions of the dangers to the public, or moving on to other news because this is old news now, even though in reality it’s an ongoing and growing tragedy and a clear warning of what will happen again… and again… We MUST shut them ALL down. Exceptions will all become Fukushima sooner or later. Japan is supposedly a “free” country and censorship such as what this video/article describes shouldn’t be happening. But apparently it happens all the time there, and it happens herein America too.

April 23rd, 2011


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