Comment for lagunabeach patch regarding shutting San Onofre

Comment left for the above article…

Immediate and permanent shut-down of San Onofre is exactly what thousands of people want, with  over a hundred showing up to speak truth to power (literally) last night in San Juan Capistrano.  The NRC and SCE both ignored the real issues, as does the commentator above who looks at 200 years of tsunami records and concludes “it can’t happen here.”  The historic record, of course, shows it can.  At the hearing last night I gave out about 75 copies of my new 20-page book called, not coincidentally SHUT SAN ONOFRE.  It’s available online for free at my web site:
It’s designed as a petition and one attendee who picked up a copy at the hearing is in Sacramento today trying to give more copies to our politicians… and another concerned citizen, a reverend who is in Washington DC today for a religious conference, will also be trying to leave copies with our state’s senators and representatives.  The call for immediate and permanent shut-down of San Onofre is very real, very strong, and very widespread.  It comes in from all over the world.  Renewables are ready to take over, and mere conservation (switching to LEDs, even) would be enough to no longer need San Onofre.  According to a recent report for the whole country, simply growing outdoors would go a long way toward eliminating the “need” for San Onofre without having to build a single wind turbine.  Not that building wind turbines is all that difficult…


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