A response to James Schumaker’s comments in San Clemente Patch…

My response to James Schumaker's comments is a little too long to include here, so I've posted them at my blog:

Quibbling about the definition of "historical" is typical of someone who doesn't want to recognize facts.  So here are some facts:

1) Geological evidence is at least as good as human-written "historical" evidence.  But at any rate, any lay person's definition includes, not excludes, geological evidence as "historical" evidence.  Get out of your ivory tower and speak English.

2) The "historical" evidence is absolutely conclusive:  Earthquakes and tsunamis larger than the "experts" expected happen.  Furthermore, as we all know, the earth's tectonic plates are all moving and shifting together -- banging into each other on a geological scale.  Therefore, what happened in Japan must effect every other susceptible earthquake site around the world in some way, and certainly around the Ring of Fire in particular.  Everything shifted because of the thousand or so Honshu quakes there have been.

3) There is every reason to assume that an earthquake off the coast of Oregon could produce a tsunami that would inundate San Onofre, and take the appropriate precautions.

4) A few thousand years is a blink of an eye in geological time.  I'm surprised the writer would even offer it as "proof" that San Onofre is well-built, robust, in a safe location, well run, necessary, economically viable, and that he has a solution to the waste problem, too.  Because any "fail" (and they are all "fail") means we should shut San Onofre.  Not just the tidal wave (aka "tsunami") question.  (The word "tsunami", of course, comes from the Japanese, the supposed "experts" in such things (including studying their own historical/geological record), and mighty fine engineers, too.  Oops.)

5) No matter what type of earthquake faults we know we have here in SoCal -- and we haven't mapped them all, by any means -- we also have very steep underwater canyons and cliff faces which could collapse in even a minor earthquake of any type.  Such a collapse is what caused the Indonesian tsunami in 2004.  This possibility apparently is completely disregarded by San Onofre, in part because the calculations are so difficult, but mainly, because the potential for a enormous tsunami becomes obvious when one studies it in any depth at all.

6) The real reason there are no commercial nuclear power plants in Oregon (there are two research reactors there) is not what the writer claims, it's because people voted against them.  We can do that here too.  And perhaps there are none on the coast of Washington simply because they built them at Hanford instead, the most polluted place in America because of our previous half century of nuclear mistakes.

It's time to stop making mistakes!  Shut San Onofre TODAY.  Not in 2023 or 2043 or next week. Today!

Please visit my web site for more information:

San Clemente Patch

 James Schumaker commented on the article Hundreds Voice Nuke Plant Concerns; NRC, Edison Try to Reassure Public

“Actually, reliable historical records for earthquakes in the region around San Onofre go back only as far as the early 19th Century. To go back further, you need to consult the geological record. For the Cristianitos fault, geological evidence indicates that the fault has been inactive for several thousand years, and probably much longer. Perhaps you are thinking of other areas of the Pacific Coast, where there is strong evidence of a 9.0 earthquake or above, as well as significant tsunami activity. In particular, the Cascadia region suffers a 9.0 or above every 300-500 years. That’s one reason, by the way, why you won’t find any nuclear plants on the Washington/Oregon coast.”

View the updated article and reply to the comment.
Jim followed it with:
James Schumaker commented on the article Hundreds Voice Nuke Plant Concerns; NRC, Edison Try to Reassure Public

“Sorry, but when people start descending to ad hominem attacks rather than engaging in honest debate, it is time to end the conversation and move on to something else. I wish you every success in your future endeavors.”

lol, Jim! CIAO!


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