A story about war and fighting…

May 10th, 2011

Dear Readers,

You can’t cure evil with evil!

A story:

Everyone loves Mohammed Ali as a fighter in the ring.  But what I noticed about him was that he would only beat people by as little as possible, and even gave them every chance to change history and be the one that beat Ali.  By the time he delivered the knock-out blow, it didn’t need to be very strong, and the opponent knew it was over, too, that he didn’t have what it takes.  Ali talked up the fight all kinds of ways out of the ring, but inside the ring, he was meticulous and delicate. This was a totally different approach from the big bully named after a brand of chicken, whom no sane person even dares to approach today if you see him in public, lest he go off on you, no matter how much he says he won’t, we all see a ticking time bomb in him.  America should fight it’s wars like Ali fought in the ring, meticulous, delicate, doing no more harm than necessary, and ending when it’s over.  Instead, we sometimes tend, these days, to fight like chickenhawks with guns.  There are, of course, many things wrong with this nation right now, which many of us are trying to fix.  But how we fight our wars is one of the most important.  Collateral damage causes grief, and more hatred.  Push-button warfare would feel very hard to justify if it was them pushing the buttons against us, and we should consider that.  There are many reasons “two men in a ring” — with proper gloves and rules of battle — is stills the ultimate fight.  Buster Douglas and Evander Holyfield are true heroes for beating up a punk while obeying every possible rule of “war” (and it is lethal in that ring) that the world had created for the battle.  Geneva Conventions and other rules of engagement matter!

Ace Hoffman

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