On Hitler the painter, and OBL, the family man…

Yeah, he could paint, he could write a book or a riveting, inflammatory speech, he could build up and then lead into battle the most powerful single nation’s army the world had ever seen (it took the world’s combined armies to defeat him), he could even survive assassination attempts apparently “by the grace of God!”  The guy was a super-man, no doubt about it.

Not much doubt, anyway…

I hear he killed a few people for a while during a very difficult time for his nation.  There’s disputes about how many, though.  Some say it’s a complete rumor — he never killed anybody!  (Usually the same ones that like to collect Ziclon B cans).  And besides, he was only a figurehead expressing the popular sentiment at the time — which, I guess, was to kill all the Jews, gays, gypsies, mentally retarded, physically handicapped, intellectuals, liberals, opponents and other “worms.”

But other than that, his paintings — don’t forget his paintings!

I’ve seen pictures of his paintings and descriptions by professionals, back in my younger days when we thought we cared about everything and knew so little… the perspectives were off, the topics middling, the execution only fair at best.  If he was a painter I’m a brain surgeon since after all, I did extract animal brains in high school, getting something like 10 of 12 cranial nerves with the fetal pig brain I removed, for example.  The school kept that brain in a jar for many years, until it deteriorated from being passed around and shaken so often…

If that makes me a brain surgeon, uh, then sure, Hitler was  pretty fair painter!

OBL had his good points too, I’m sure.  Family man, I hear.


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