What to tell high school seniors about San Onofre, and the waste that sits on our coast? (fb comments)

I will be talking to high school seniors about San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. If they ask me what are they going to do with all the highy radioactive waste that sits on our beautiful coastline, what would you tell them?
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    • Rochelle Becker I would tell them that they will be paying to keep this waste safe long after generation ceases – not a good deal for future ratepayers

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    • Ace Hoffman I would tell them that’s going to be THEIR problem, and it will only get bigger if we don’t shut San Onofre down. It will be their problem because no one will solve it in the meantime. It will be their problem because mathematically, physically, economically, actually and factually, it is “intractable”, unsolvable, unfixable, unworkable, unusual and unwelcome anywhere. Nevadans say they will accept the waste “over their dead bodies” and they don’t like already being “downwinders” from the bomb testing. Yucca Mountain is hardly any more stable than our coastline. I would also tell them the longer the waste has been out of the reactor, the safer it is to handle, especially if it’s kept under water (I don’t like dry casks for many reasons, including proliferation issues. Proliferation of dry casks, that is.) So immediate shut-down is the only thing to do, regardless of what happens with the waste. But solving the waste problem will continue to be the biggest nightmare humanity faces forever, or at least until an asteroid interrupts things or something cataclysmic like that!

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