Contrails questions anyone?

Karla Solis

When i was young i used to lay in the grass and look up at the clouds and watch the airplanes as they crossed the sky, the planes, trail ends disappeared at an even pace,always the same,never changing. now as an adult i look up into the sky and all i see is trails cutting up the blue left and right but very few planes in front of them. so i have to ask my self now days wtf are they spraying out of the planes that just lingers on and on?

Dr. Edgar Lucidi MD says that the chemtrail death dumps that are being sprayed on us are a part of a medical experiment to find out how many people get sick …

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  • Lori Latimer likes this.
    • Ace Hoffman Depending on your age, they’re flying higher and faster…

      6 hours ago · 
    • Karla Solis that still don’t acount for trails staying in the air for hrs afterwards

      5 hours ago · 
    • Ace Hoffman Why not? The sun lights them for longer, for example. Air patterns way up there are probably a lot less turbulent, being further from the mountains and cities and land masses and so forth, so the contrails would last longer for that reason too (that’s one reason pilots like to fly way up there). And lastly, perhaps there are differences in the air that also matter (less dust, more cosmic radiation…). I haven’t studied it, I’m just suggesting some causes that might account for the phenomenon you describe. Hours is a long time. I didn’t time them then and haven’t timed them now… :~}

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