Obama promised open government, didn’t he? This is not it!

Obama promised open government, didn’t he? This is not it!


Since taking office, President Barack Obama has sought to assure the national security establishment that he can be trusted with the government’s secrets – and thus has been even more aggressive in going after leakers than his predecessors. Now, as Rory O’Connor notes, Obama’s prosecutors are raisin

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    • Damien Deveau funny parallel north of the border, our PRime Minister Stephen Harper promised government transparency and whistle-blower protections when he took office a few years ago and since then his government’s actions have been secretive whilst creating an atmosphere of fear and retaliation against whistleblowers…

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    • Jeffrey Hubbard

      LOL. Laugh Out Libtard. Are you a Birther too? A little late for that bandwagon. With today’s technology and 24 hour media cycle, everything is transparent. I suggest watching C-Span if you need to know what the government is doing. Wh…See More
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    • Ace Hoffman

      Nah, I’m pretty sure I have one of their email addresses, so I don’t need the rest. :~} Besides, you can always go to their web site to communicate with them, have you tried it? I have! The fact is, whistleblowers need MORE protection, …See More
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    • Jeffrey Hubbard Cheney’s energy plan was to make halliburton and BP stocks skyrocket. Next question?

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    • Jeffrey Hubbard By the way russ as always LOL. FREE Power to the People!

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    • Ace Hoffman

      So, do you have the transcripts from, or even an accurate list of attendees at the formulation of Cheney’s energy plan? The devil is in the details, and accountability is one of many methods society uses to keep people on the straight-and-…See More
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    • Ace Hoffman Funny you should mention it! After posting 180 passwords of an FBI affiliate, hackers known as “Lulz Security “claimed it was acting in response to a recent report that the Pentagon was considering whether to classify some cyberattacks as acts of war.” http://tinyurl.com/3jtoq72 So I guess no we’re at war… again…

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    • Ace Hoffman no = now (we’re at war)…

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    • Bill Smirnow

      Re transparancy just what is the health of those sailors on the USS Reagan? Why does CNN report only today that there were full core melts at three reactors? How much radiation has escaped so far? How much has gone where and what kinds of rad.? Why will as Dr Michio Kaku jusr reported, a full “clean up” [no such thing really] take 30 years? Why would anyone believe that transparancy exists and why would anyone allow nuclear power to exist? Especially in seismically active areas such as Indonesia, Japan, the USA with the world’s most dangerous reactors 35 miles from Manhattan? How many people living in the USA, especially the NYC area know just how dangerous Indian Point is? Because the free press is more interested in Weiner’s sexcapades that nuclear catastrophe. That’s F’in transparancy for you.
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    • Ace Hoffman Our government must have known that at least one reactor at Fukushima was melting down — they would know from the spectrum of radioisotopes that was landing on the Ronald Reagan. So my guess is both the Japanese and the American governments (and all the others that knew) said to themselves (and each other) “don’t tell anyone, don’t tell the whole friggin’ world, because the Fukushima locals will panic if THEY know, and try to leave, when they should all shelter in place instead”. People should have been told what was going on, of course, and they would then have to decide for themselves what to do, just as they would here (gov’t won’t help evacuate beyond 10 miles, if that). There will be no evacuation of New York after a meltdown at Indian Point, because they won’t admit there’s a meltdown in the first place, so as to avoid panic! But they’ll tell you things are bad so shelter in place, buddy. That’s what I think happened in Japan. And New York being concrete and windows instead of trees and dirt, maybe they think they can scrub it down after a showering of fallout (it wouldn’t work!). Gov’ts hide lots of stuff on the cheap excuse that the public will panic. I just heard that NATO has dropped 10,000 bombs on Libya already and just extended the war another 90 days, as if they can’t do wars in smaller chunks than that. Yet the people of Libya hardly appear to be panicking. They’re just cowering and suffering and if told to chant “Gaddafi is great” they do and maybe they believe it and for all I know, Gaddafi wants peace now too but we won’t let him have it now — at least, not for another 90 days, until the next review! Why should I believe anything my government tells me anymore? The more I know, the more I know governments lie! They have whole agencies (CIA first and foremost but hardly alone) dedicated to little more than constant lying to the President,Congress, and the American people. :~}
      • Jeffrey Hubbard

        I want the Libyan mission to end as soon as Muammar is captured Dead or Alive. I would love a small strike similar to SEAL Team 6, but there is a saying, ‘War is Hell’. Ace, you would have been like FDR and Henry Ford in ’39. Passively watching Hitler advance through UK, Poland, France, genocide while second guessing the Russians for retaliating! Those who blame and condemn Obama for intervening in Libya lack the courage to defend human rights when most needed. Discuss. No Nukes. Hypocrisy Through Democracy. Me Love You Long Time.
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      • Ace Hoffman You’re so out of line. My father killed Nazis for a living during WWII my great great whatever grandfather killed Confederate soldiers, and if those had been my time, I’m sure I would have, too. Instead I hunt down murderous criminals in the nuclear industry. Like father like son. If you want to keep friends on FB, that’s no way to do it.
        effrey Hubbard

        I expected a better debate from you. Your “defriending” was cowardice. Ghadaffi is the murderous criminal, not Obama. You failed to acknowledge this. If you cannot accept logical criticism or opinions other than your own, then you probably cannot handle my rhetoric and friendship. We agree 90% of the time. If we are scared to discuss the other 10%, how can we be liberal ? Don’t take it personally. And don’t try protesting against the government on your next peace rally in Tripoli !
        Take it easy, Ace.
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          • Ace Hoffman You called me ridiculous names in two consecutive messages, Jeff. I got bored with your Red-Baiting. I failed to acknowledge that Ghadaffi is a murderous, torturous bastard? Truly my mistake; but Obama’s nuclear power stance is the most dangerous thing on earth right now. You calling me a coward here makes it three messages in a row, by the way. And will win you only laughter from those that know me. I may be a fool, bullheaded, and unflappable, but coward? I haven’t backed down from anything here. I just got bored with your obvious desire for needling me. I got bored with your stalking, buddy.

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