This isn’t NIMBYism, it’s survival

From Ace
Gene Stone 7:17am Jun 10
From Ace
TOKYO (Reuters) – All 54 of Japan’s nuclear reactors may be shut by next April, adding more than $30 billion a year to the country’s energy costs, if communities object to plant operating plans due to


All over the world people are protesting against nuclear power, getting arrested, demanding their rights.  This isn’t NIMBYism, it’s survival, and the public can see that now.  The hordes of people who have lost their homes, and now may die of cancer because of Fukushima, will be very vocal in the coming years, you can count on it.  They all know how to use the Internet, and they are very VERY upset.  I do believe they will drive nukes out of Japan, and quickly.  Not just “No New Nukes” which is a placebo to the people for the nuke industry, with 440 nuke operating “comfortably” around the world.  We need the old ones shut down most of all!  And we can’t just talk about what to do with the waste, we have to really do something effective.  But before shutdown, the waste will always be an afterthought.  As Mary Olson (NIRS) puts it: “When you have a plumbing problem, you don’t go for the mop first.  You go for the wrench.” Turn the wrench.  Shut off the spigot.  Close the spent fuel production facilities — shut the reactors.  By the way only one or two reactors in the whole world are set up to produce medical isotopes because THAT’S ALL YOU NEED and in fact, if no reactors were operating, you could probably get the isotopes other ways or use other LESS DANGEROUS methods like MRIs for CT scans and so forth, which are often medically more useful anyway.  Never believe a word a pro-nuker tells you.  If Fukushima didn’t teach the world that, the world need only look at the timeline, it will always be there for all to see.  Governments lie.  Nuclear power companies lie.  People die.




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