On Bill Gates and Al Gore and nuclear power

June 11th, 2011

Ace Hoffman:

I haven’t heard Bill Gates say anything against micro-nukes (which he has heavily invested in), and last week on NPR he was reported to still be backing them so I would assume he is. They are an idiotic idea, even more expensive per kilowatt than large nukes, with the same waste disposal problems (as in, there is NOTHING you can do with the waste!) and the same dirty bomb, terrorism, etc. problems as large nukes, and they can still melt down, too, if somewhat less likely to… AND they are being sold as being “affordable” but they would only be affordable for the rich. And as for Al Gore… Al Gore is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he’s pronuclear no matter how he words it (I’ve done several newsletters about him)! So I hope these folks aren’t anywhere near ANY “green” festival!


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