Comment left on hearing of the death of a Fukushima worker

Comment left on hearing of the death of a Fukushima worker…

TEPCO reports a worker at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant became unconscious this morning and was taken to a hospital by helicopter. Nihon gambare!
    • Nikki Clark he died 😦 …

      Saturday at 2:35pm ·
      Ace Hoffman Working in a Tyvek suit is physically demanding: everything is hard to do, it’s hard see, it’s hot, it’s hard to breath, and you know that no matter what, the harder you breath, the more radiation you’ll inhale. And you know you can’t make any mistakes, tear the suit, etc. — it’s like you’re on the moon. Communication is difficult and not everyone carries radiation detectors, they plan to be with someone else and have plenty else to carry. Then when you get to your work site stuff is strewn all over the place, heavy things have been bent and moved like twigs, wires are crossed, nothing works, “radiation detectors were all blown to smithereens” in the explosions, you don’t know what you’ll find… we can say a prayer for these workers, RIP, but most importantly we can shut down the rest of the fleet so this never happens again. Nothing else will prevent it and shut-down without cautious caring for the used reactor cores for the next >10,000 generations will also result in failure. All “spent fuel” is the biggest problem in the long run, assuming somehow, some day, every reactor IS shut down (or melts down…).
    • a few seconds ago ·

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