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Ace Hoffman 12:51pm Jul 18
Feedback Date:7/18/2012
Project Title:Lessons Learned from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident for Improving Safety and Security of U.S. Nuclear Plants
PIN Number:DELS-NRSB-12-01

It is my sincere hope that as reasonable an estimate as possible be made of what was released to the environment from Fukushima, expressed not just as “Bq” since no indication of half-life is included in that sort of figure, so no estimate of the long-term and wide-spread nature of this disaster can be ascertained merely from such values. Merely adding whether it is an alpha, beta, or gamma emission does little to relieve the mystery of what damage might be done by Fukushima to human and other species, since some isotopes biologically “target” certain organs, and some bioaccumulate in the food chain, and some decay into even-more nasty substances, and some decays do virtually all their damage at the end of their tracks, causing so-called low-energy emissions to actually be MORE dangerous for a given total amount of energy emitted than so-called high-energy emissions (such as beta emissions from tritium, which are low-energy but can do a lot of damage). The first lesson to be learned is the extent of the damage. The second lesson to be learned is the inability of humans or their machines (or their software) to build a perfect world, and nuclear energy promises an impossible-to-achieve near-perfect level of containment of their waste. That level of containment has proven time and again to be unattainable, and, of course, Fukushima makes that blatantly obvious. The lesson to be learned is: Why haven’t we learned that the needed perfection is far from attainable, and shut the OTHER plants down? And yes, especially the 23 very-similar reactors in America. Japan almost learned the lesson of shutdown from Fukushima, but opened one reactor site, and hundreds of thousands DID learn it there and continue to protest against restart, but, amid scandal after scandal including their organized crime syndicates sending workers to Fukushima with horrible working conditions, the question really is: Do we want to learn that lesson the hard way, like they did, or the relatively easy way, by backing out now, BEFORE we have our own Fukushima? Who will be the first learned scientist to begin a flood of learned scientists who will admit nuclear energy is as sad a failure of science and technology as any asteroid we could have stopped but didn’t? Fukushima was something we could have stopped, but didn’t. But not by perfecting the technology. We stop it by getting rid of the technology. It’s the buggy-whip of the 20th Century.

Ace Hoffman
Ace Hoffman 12:51pm Jul 18
Here’s what I just left there:
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Cathy Iwane
Cathy Iwane 9:13am Jul 18
There is a meeting taking place tomorrow on July 19 at the National Academy of Sciences in DC, where the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission will discuss what can be learned from the Fukushima disaster. Help me by adding any comments to this link, or better yet, attend the meeting!

Beyond Nuclear – Japan – Take action on Fukushima lessons learned
Submit comments and questions to the scientific panel or attend the DC meeting ! Next Thursday,….

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