Comments for Victor Dricks, NRC, July 23, 2012


Interesting that Mr. Dricks does not mention the obvious flaw in his

logic: If SCE followed the rules, the rules must be faulty for such a
dangerous condition to have been allowed to occur. And to blame this
fiasco on a computer program, as if the program wrote itself and
tested itself! The AIT report clearly blames lack of real-world
modeling too. And in the real world we call that negligence. However
of perhaps even more significance is the simple fact that the AIT
would not rule out the possibility of Fluid Elastic Instability, and
of course they practically expect Fluid Induced Vibration, in Unit 2,
since they couldn’t be sure of what the differences really were.
Operating at reduced output of 70% — or 30%, for that matter — might
NOT cause the upper portions of the steam generators to have more
liquid as opposed to steam, and thus enough dampening. And what if
more capacity is needed in an emergency – will FEI set in as the “two”
of a one-two punch after FIV knocks out one of the two steam
generators in Unit 2 when this “attempt”to restart at reduced capacity
fails? And what will it prove anyway? That SanO can generate more
spent fuel with nowhere to put it? That it can make money
hand-over-fist even at reduced capacity, since major accidents and
long-term spent fuel storage is not SCE’s responsibility, and even the
SG replacement was paid for by the ratepayers — and will be again if
an attempt is made to fix this broken monstrosity on SoCal’s coast,
where 8 million people would have to be evacuated in a matter of
minutes, hours at best, if something were to go wrong. As if such an
evacuation were possible on earthquake-damaged roads! My full review
of the AIT report, explaining SCE’s “can’t go forward, can’t go back”
problem, appears at my blog:



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